Sonar Overview

Sonar is the dataset that we use in Data360 for profiling. Sonar is a geo-demographic classification system which classifies households and their residents according to the type of neighbourhood in which they live, providing a powerful tool for consumer segmentation and local market planning.

Geo-demographic datasets, such as Sonar, are built using data from the Census and Land Registry records for all properties and households across Great Britain. The data is aggregated to Postcode level and used to categorise all GB Postcodes into one of eighty individual Postcode types. The eighty Postcode types are derived by looking at factors such as average incomes, property types, values, employment status and typical household composition, amongst many others. This data is used to describe the typical characteristics of households found in the Postcode. If you would like a detailed breakdown of the Sonar classifications, click here ».

Profiling is a very useful tool for understanding more about your customers, but you need to keep two things in mind. First, the report uses data at postcode level. This means that when it compares your data with the base, the comparison is made by comparing the number of your records in Sonar related postcodes to the number of households in Sonar related postcodes across Great Britain. Any bias that exists in your data will have an impact on the final figures.

Secondly, a small sample size, for example less than 1000 records, may also mean that the comparison between Sonar's base figures and your own file could lead to some unreliability in the final analysis.