PAF Address

The PAF Address Mixed Case service will use our UK Address Management System to:

  • verify and correct locality details
  • verify postcodes to premise level, where possible
  • try to apply a full correct postcode to addresses with a partial postcode, no postcode or an invalid postcode
  • maintain unrecognised lines of data (i.e. not part of the PAF address) which appears immediately below the thoroughfare
  • maintain all non verified PAF address elements above the thoroughfare, for example, house names

All services will subsequently use this enhanced address for more accurate results.

Our UK Address Management System contains the following reference files:

  • Royal Mail Changes - file containing all Royal Mail address changes since 1972
  • Purple Smart Tables - identifies textual errors below thoroughfare
  • Royal Mail PAF file

This service provides an address format in mixed case with a maximum of 4 lines possibly with blank fields and town, county, postcode and DPS in fixed fields.

If you require an address format of mixed case with a maximum of 7 scrolled up lines, use the Address Enhancement service.



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