Mover Update

We will Identify Individuals on your Database/File who have moved from the supplied address and we will provide you with details of their new address. This will allow you to preserve your relationship with existing customers that you may have lost.

Our Address Mover processing uses data from the following sources:

NCOA file

The NCOA Enhanced Address service will identify individuals and families who have moved in the last five years. The file contains the details of individuals who have paid the Royal Mail to have their mail redirected to another address. However many times an individual or family have moved, our service will track them to their current address.

When a match is identified we will supply the new address.

The current and previous addresses attached to a matched individual are taken into consideration in the de-duplication and suppression services.

NCOA also identifies whether one individual or the whole family is moving. Where it is identified that the whole family are moving, then all individuals with the same surname at the given address are recognised as moving.

Please note this file can only be used on customer data.

reConnect File

The reConnect file supplied by Equifax is a powerful tool which offers businesses a chance to communicate with customers or prospects about which they may hold a wealth of information except critically - where they live now. A consumer unification service, which is unique in the market, it identifies forwarding addresses of otherwise goneaway individuals. No longer do you have to rely on customers keeping you informed of their changing circumstance in order to retain your relationship. By linking reConnect unification data to the disConnect suppression file, we are able to turn potentially unusable customer records into valid and valuable new data that will ensure communication with existing customers can be maintained.



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