DATA360 saves £25 million in 10 years

DATA360, the leading online data management tool, has saved its users an estimated £25 million in the last ten years. Over that period, 47.4 million inaccurate and inappropriate recipients have been removed from mailing files using DATA360's cleaning facilities.

Says Andrew Woodger, data and planning director, Adare, which created DATA360: "Accurate data can be the difference between success and failure. At a time of squeezed budgets every penny counts when it comes to creating and executing profitable marketing campaigns. Using tools like DATA360 can make that difference, and do it easily and painlessly, too.

"With the direct mail industry coming under increasing pressure to show that it cares about environmental issues, DATA360 enables users to meet the data requirements of schemes such as Sustainable Mail from the Royal Mail, which offer postage discounts where data is cleansed to the required standard. With the incentives on offer, it's now more important than ever that we do everything we can to cut waste and improve accuracy. As DATA360 shows, the tools are there to do the job – but more significantly the financial benefits of cleaner data bring an instant benefit to the bottom line, and that's what we are highlighting by releasing these figures."

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