DATA360 Profiles Your Data

You can now profile your customer base, receive a profile report and append profiling variables to help segment your customer/prospect pool.

Our lifestyle classifications, SONAR, will help you determine who you should be communicating with and how best to communicate with them. To find out more about SONAR click here ».

Simply upload your file to the DATA360 profiling service and you will receive a free report showing comparisons between your file and the UK population.

To learn even more about your customers/prospects you can purchase a more detailed report which will give further insight into everything from gender and wealth to lifestyles, car ownership and property type. Each of these variables is compared to a cross section of the UK population as a whole.

With the greater understanding that DATA360 Profiling and Segmentation is able give, you may then wish to target communicates to the various segments of database appropriately. To enable you to do this we can append the lifestyle codes to each individual record.

To see the valuable insights our profile reports can provide about your data, click on the links below:

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