My Account

DATA360 allows you to manage your account which means you do not have to call us if you require changes to your details or information on jobs processed via DATA360.

Contact Details

Once a registered user of DATA360 you can change your contact details on line. Simply log on to DATA360 and go to the My Account area, enter your new details and submit to DATA360. The system will then manage and implement these changes.

Address Details

Again, as with contact details you are able to amend your address details and submit to DATA360 and the changes will be made to your account.

Payment Structure

This allows you to review your payment status. When registering you can be a corporate account which means you will receive an invoice for purchases from DATA360 or you will be a Credit Card account which requires payment before a job can be purchased from DATA360. Here you will be able to see which status your account is set and, if required, apply to change the status of your account.

Job History

This enables you to review all of the jobs you have processed on DATA360. For the jobs you have purchased you will be able to see a summary of all services purchased with associated quantities and costs.