Capability - Marketing Databases


What is the advantage of having a real marketing database?

Businesses generate valuable data about their customers at every interaction. These snippets of data are generated in the course of everyday operational processes, at touch points such as websites, and during sales through coupon redemptions and literature requests.

Even richer data is generated during order processing, guarantee registration and processes such as subscription fulfillment. These valuable customer insights almost always reside in disparate data repositories hidden from view.

From a marketer’s perspective, these nuggets of data represent a treasure trove of new opportunities, customer insight and understanding. They chart how individual customers behave, and interact with the business. They describe patterns of purchase, which customer relationships are growing and who is at risk of defecting. They identify preferred channels and highlight other products of potential interest or relevance.

The two biggest barriers to marketers accessing and realising the value of this wealth of customer data, knowledge and understanding are:

  • The lack of a cohesive "single customer view"
  • The lack of a quick, convenient and simple, way to access, explore, interpret and act on the insights available

A well designed "single customer view" marketing database distils all the relevant pieces of the jigsaw and brings them together in a single place, without the need to change any of the underlying systems.

Sophisticated, yet easy to use and highly visual database query tools such as FastStats Discoverer, put real marketing power on a marketers’ desktop at the "click of a mouse".

Database management

A marketing database is a valuable resource requiring careful management. Purple has been keeping marketing databases up to date, secure and legal for clients large and small for over 20 years. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a wealth of direct marketing expertise and experience to help them maximise the return on their investment.

Successful database marketing is all about attention to detail. Careful selection of the right prospects, pin sharp data, timeliness, great creative and high quality execution. Purple will take care of the details so you can focus on defining your wider marketing strategy, based on a new level of insight and understanding.

Why Purple?

Purple have been designing and building "single customer view" marketing databases for nearly 20 years. We have helped many household name organisations create marketing databases that enable them to derive the insights and knowledge that shape the way they communicate with their customers and prospects, plan and evaluate campaigns and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of all their communications.

Our expertise and skills are derived from pioneering the development of data management software solutions that made it possible for organisations of all sizes to benefit from the latest marketing database technology. Our technical skills are underpinned by solid, practical knowledge of how marketing databases are used to reduce costs, reduce business risk and improve business performance. We are ISO9001 accredited and, as part of the £130M Adare marketing services business, our clients not only benefit from our data skills but also our ability to enhance, segment and stream campaigns using digital and other communications channels; from raw data to creative execution and delivery.


Case Studies – Marketing Databases


Canon Logo Canon Photographer

Canon is a world leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and office

  • Purple built a pan European marketing database of Canon digital imaging product owners
    • 50 on-line users across Europe
    • 8 monthly feeds
  • Local in country campaign targeting and execution
  • Centralised "single customer view"
  • Ability to deliver highly targeted cross sell / up sell promotions
  • Single corporate on and off-line communications resource
  • Common customer understanding and campaign metrics across Europe


RNIB is the UK’s leading charity offering information, support & advice to > 2M people with sight related problems

  • Purple designed, built and selected data to create a tailored prospect universe database, to support over 3/4M fundraising contacts annually
  • Purple profile and select the data that drives continuous telephone fundraising activity using dynamic re-profiling and segmentation techniques
  • Database management includes managing 4.3M "Actives" / Telephone number appending / PECR management / Profiling and analysis
  • Efficiency of process improved by > 10% ensuring more funds raised go to support RNIB projects
  • Telephone fundraising is currently the second largest income stream for RNIB

Aga Logo Aga Cooker

The Aga Rangemaster Group plc is a family of strong consumer brands that, together, tell a powerful consumer story - not just in the UK, but increasingly overseas too.

  • Purple have worked with AGA Rangemaster to develop a powerful "single customer view" marketing database resource that enabled them to drive forward a CRM lead strategy
  • It delivers a "single customer view" across 8 group brands and 3 separate sales channels
  • Feeds are derived from a range of operational systems, both in-store and back office
  • Over 1M order transactions are hosted and managed across 1/2 Million active customers
  • In the last 12 months the number of customers with multi-brand relationships has grown by over 10%
  • Customers with multiple brand relationships across the group have a 56.8% higher aggregate sales value than single brand customers


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