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Tactical direct marketing at your fingertips

The most effective direct marketing is delivered to the right recipient, relevant and timely. Many organisations have national networks of agents or stores, who often have very localised marketing needs, whether generating footfall, promoting local events and offers or simply responding to local competitor activity.

From a central marketing perspective, supporting local initiatives is a drain on resources. Without central control, the quality of collateral produced is often "off brand" and procuring small volumes of materials locally is very costly compared to longer run production.

There is however a strong case for supporting local activities. Local agents and staff know their local market intimately and often have personal knowledge of individual customers and the types of offer they are most likely to respond to. Smaller scale, more tactical direct marketing involves smaller volumes and therefore less wastage, as campaigns are tightly targeted and only deployed where they are really needed.

By combining our expertise in database management with the very latest in web applications and digital production capabilities, Purple has developed a unique "out of the box" solution to meet these needs. The LDMS forms part of our marketing technology solution suite, and through a web interface, that has been specifically designed to be simple, quick and easy to use, enables branches or agents to design, create and execute local campaigns within highly controlled corporate parameters. Key features include:

  • Defined marketing territory or assigned customers/prospects records for each user
  • Simple to interpret data selectors or predefined data selections
  • On line library of corporate mailer templates, automatically "localised" to the user
  • Simple mailer template editing, within tightly controlled parameters
  • Option of e-mail template collateral
  • Quick and easy to use – it takes only "15 clicks" to create a direct marketing campaign
  • Online proofing
  • Highly responsive – mailers can be delivered to target audience in 5 working days
  • Underlying data is cleaned and screened monthly so it is always ready to mail
  • Cost effective Unit 1 pricing with no minimum charges for standard postcard mailers.

The Purple LDMS offers organisations the best of both worlds. Small scale highly targeted, local direct marketing campaigns at national campaign unit costs. Local market knowledge, combined with corporate quality standards delivers real CRM for the 21st century.

Why Purple?

Purple have been developing marketing technology solutions for nearly 20 years. We have helped many household name organisations create "single customer view" marketing databases and we have pioneered the use of technologies that have shaped and enhanced the way that our clients communicate with their customers and prospects.

Our technical skills are underpinned by solid, practical knowledge of how marketers can best use technology to reduce costs, reduce business risk and improve business performance. Clients benefit not only from our data skills but also our ability to enhance, segment and stream campaigns using digital and other communications channels; from raw data to creative execution, production, procurement and delivery.


Case Studies - LDMS - Tactical Direct Marketing tool


Hamptons Logo

Hamptons is one the UK’s leading residential estate agents with major operations in the UK and around the world. The LDMS solution designed and deployed for Hamptons International enables their branches to market themselves and the properties they are instructed to sell in their local market area.

  • Every office has a complete residential property database for their territory.
  • Selectors include; addresses down to Street or Postcode, Council Tax Value Band, recency of last communication and length of residency
  • Hosts over 300 corporate artwork templates, covering a wide range of local messages from "Sold in Your Road" to "Open House" invitations and seasonal campaigns
  • Photographic images can be uploaded to create bespoke mailers for individual properties
  • Over 10,000 individual micro campaigns and 1.5M mailers delivered in Year 1
  • "Returns" rates dropped from over 5% to 0.5%

Flight Centre Logo

Flight Centre has been making travel arrangements for their customers since they opened their first store in Sydney, Australia way back in 1981. They are now one of the worlds largest and most successful independent travel retailers and have more than 1,700 stores around the globe in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Canada.

The Flight Centre LDMS called Consultant Portfolio is unique in using the functionality to enable consultants to create highly bespoke communications to individual or small groups of customers. The system hosts a range of editable e-mail templates and offer collateral that consultants use to design and deliver personalised communications timed specifically for individual customers.

  • Corporate e-mail templates with controlled editable content
  • "One-to-one" communications designed for individual customers
  • Customer data pre-selections based on proven RFV models
  • Monthly refresh of customer data
  • Communications personalised from the individual consultant to an individual customer

NFU Mutual Logo

Since 1910 NFU Mutual has grown from strength to strength. They began insuring individuals and business outside of the farming industry in the 1980's and they are now one of the UK’s top ten general insurers with a product range covering investments, pensions, life insurance and risk management provided through a network of over 300 agents.

  • The NFU Mutual LDMS provides local agents with a complete prospect database for their territory both Businesses and Consumers
  • Mailer templates are designed to reflect national TV advertising campaigns to create fully integrated marketing campaigns
  • Marketing materials used by agents meet all corporate brand and regulatory requirements


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