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DATA360 – cost effective, simple on-line data cleaning

A penny invested in your data can generate a pound in additional profit. Accurate data lies at the heart of all successful direct marketing and one-to-one communications. Maintaining data accuracy is also a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act and it makes good business sense too; reducing wastage, enhancing green credentials and protecting your brand.

Purple’s online data cleaning tool, DATA360 ( couldn’t be simpler. Register online and you can immediately run a comprehensive audit on your data - free of charge. The results are returned to you in a matter of hours. DATA360 will report on address accuracy, number of duplicates found and can provide updated addresses for customers who have moved. It can even flag deceased and gone-aways and provide other services to save you money and enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

DATA360 is the quick and cost effective way to keep your data clean and up to date.

Advanced data management services

Many of our clients have unique data challenges. Our expert bureau team specialise in large-scale, bespoke data cleaning, consolidation, standardisation and normalisation tasks. Each project we undertake is unique. We have the software tools, skills and experience to handle the most complex data processing and manipulation tasks.

Our broad range of reference, validation and suppression screening files enable us to increase the accuracy and usability of your data. We can add further depth, understanding and opportunity to your customer data through appending externally sourced demographic data, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. Our range of specialist direct marketing expertise even extends to modelling, profiling, segmentation and prospect data targeting.

Digital communications

The digital space and e-mail communications create many new opportunities to communicate with customers and prospects in a targeted and timely manner. Purple have developed specialist tools and techniques that enable our clients to acquire, clean and manage e-mail campaigns that get results. From e-mail appending to delivery of dynamic content driven e-mail communications, we provide a full service proposition to maximise the value of this channel.

Why Purple?

Purple have been managing data and marketing databases for nearly 20 years. We have helped many household name organisations shape the way they communicate with their customers and prospects, plan and evaluate campaigns and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of all their data driven communications.

Our expertise and skills are derived from pioneering the development of data management software solutions that make it possible for organisations of all sizes to benefit from the latest data management technology. Our technical skills are underpinned by solid, practical knowledge of how effective data management can reduce costs, reduce business risk and improve business performance.

We are ISO9001 accredited and, as part of the £130M Adare marketing services business, our clients not only benefit from our data skills but also our ability to enhance, segment and stream campaigns using digital and other communications channels; from raw data to creative execution, production, procurement and delivery.


Case Studies - Data Management


Leger Holidays Logo

Specialists in guided and escorted coach tours and travel, Leger holidays use DATA360 as a quick and efficient tool to undertake suppression screening of their direct mail campaign files. Selections are made from their marketing database and can be prepared for mail in a matter of hours, thanks to the speed and efficiency of online data cleaning. DATA360 ensures that wastage is minimised through appropriate suppressions being accurately applied and more mail gets to the intended recipient. Online data cleaning is the quick and simple way to save cost, time and enhance your green credentials.

Next Logo

Next is a UK based retailer offering stylish, good quality products in clothing, footwear, accessories and home products. Next distributes through three main channels: Next Retail, a chain of more than 480 stores in the UK and Eire; the Next Directory, a direct mail catalogue and transactional website with more than 2 million active customers; and Next International, with more than 140 stores overseas.

Their sophisticated direct marketing and customer recruitment activity has evolved to meet the needs of a modern multi-channel retailer. Through profiling, targeting and multiple prospect sourcing models, their customer acquisition activity continues to deliver enviable growth in a tough sector.

In the full year 2008, Next Directory active customers grew by 1.9% and sales by 2.1% the second largest income stream.

Aga Logo Aga Cooker

The Aga Rangemaster Group plc is a family of strong consumer brands that, together, tell a powerful consumer story - not just in the UK, but increasingly overseas too.

They have been able to leverage the advantages of their “single customer view” marketing database to develop the cross sell potential of the digital channel. Consolidating all their customer data, acquired through multiple brands, has created the opportunity to exploit a wider range of communications channels, reducing costs and integrating campaigns more effectively. The group database acts as a prospect pool of individuals who value quality and heritage in the home. E-mail campaigns have been used speak directly to AGA owners and cross sell between other group brands in a relevant and engaging way.


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